Global Warming - global warming

Global warming means that there is an upward trend in the temperature of the Earth's atmosphere and the earth. The term "global warming" is often used to describe this phenomenon.

How does Global Warming arise?

Global Warming is caused by the emission of various harmful gases, mainly CO2. Although this is the most accepted cause, it has not yet been conclusively proven that Global Warming is actually caused by CO2 emissions.
In the Netherlands, Global Warming is often referred to by the term "global warming." The greenhouse effect is necessary to maintain life on earth, without this effect it would be ice cold here. However, the extent to which the effect is now increasing is also life-threatening.

What are the consequences of Global Warming?

Global Warming is warming the earth slowly but surely. This is going very slowly, but the consequences are huge. Due to the warming of the oceans, the polar caps melt, causing the water level to rise. The consequences can be guessed: low-lying areas will be flooded. The Netherlands is a low-lying country, so the west coast will eventually be flooded if no measures are taken.
There will also be more and more extreme weather conditions, such as hurricanes.
Because the power of the sun increases, there will be drought on earth. This makes agriculture almost impossible, and epidemics can break out.
So the consequences don't lie.

What can we do against Global Warming

To counter Global Warming, we will have to produce less CO2. Other chemical compounds such as CH4, N2O and various fluorine compounds must also be emitted less. Measures for this are described in the Kyoto Protocol, or Kyoto Treaty, signed by various countries (including the Netherlands). It is striking that the USA, not least the biggest polluter of our planet, has not (yet) signed the treaty.
Measures included in the protocol:
  • Stop logging rainforests
  • Installing catalysts in cars
  • Reducing CFC production
  • The development of alternative fuels

However, these measures are very expensive, making it difficult to implement.
But also remember: a better environment starts with you !!
Keep in mind that CO2 is created by using fossil fuel.
  • Take the car less often.
  • Plant trees and plants, which absorb CO2 and convert it into harmless sugars.
  • Do not use CFC spray cans (are now also prohibited)
  • Be economical with energy (do not let lamps burn unnecessarily, lower heating degree)

Despite the fact that the real action really lies with the big powers: all the little bits help!
Mandatory cost for everyone is the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore, which explains the effects of Global Warming, complete with very shocking photos and graphics.

Video: Global Warming 101. National Geographic (April 2020).

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