Tips for making long flights comfortable

If people are going on a long flight then it is wise to take a number of precautions. It is not easy to sit in the same position for a long time and to depend on the temperature set by the airline. If you are well prepared for your journey, you make it easier for yourself. There are a number of measures that we can take in advance. Long flights are strenuous and yet we can make ourselves comfortable with good preparation.

What do we mean by a long flight

A long flight is a flight that lasts more than six hours. In the past the passenger was spoiled with all kinds of small things to make the flight pleasant, but with the arrival of low-cost airlines a lot has changed. We now also pay less for the flights and we can make a choice ourselves in more ways. The free choice menu as we used to know is usually no longer among the standard options and sometimes people even have to pay for the non-alcoholic drinks.

Luxury is missing on many flights

Small pillows for the neck, or an extra blanket are nowadays luxurious. You also see less and less toys for the children. This requires a different attitude towards flying and extra preparation by yourself, so that you are less dependent on the benefits provided by society.

What can you do to travel comfortably

In America they often have small shops at the airports close to the gate where they sell ready-made meals that you can take with you on the plane and you see that many passengers do this. Fresh salad, some fruit and a bottle of water are common. In Europe we don't see this that often yet and since you have to hand in your liquid substances at customs, traveling requires a little extra organizational talent. At most airports there are vending machines where you can buy non-alcoholic drinks that you can take with you on the plane. You can simply take a pack of crackers or a sandwich with you. What are important things to consider:
  • wear loose fitting clothing
  • temperature
  • options for sleeping
  • drink
  • enough movement
  • if necessary, something to eat
  • reading material or DVD or computer games

Wear loose-fitting clothing

On the plane it is easy if you wear loose fitting clothing. No tight jeans or boots. If necessary, you can take off your shoes, but note that they must be put on again after landing. So only wear comfortable shoes. Take a pack of wet wipes to refresh yourself in between. Some eye drops to prevent dry eyes are useful for people who suffer from this. Lip balm and a mini tube of moist cream give a pleasant feeling.


Often the temperature in the plane is pleasant in the beginning, but depending on where you are sitting it can become cooler at night even if you can adjust it a little. That is why it is important to wear clothing in layers. You can then regularly put on and take off and a cardigan or sweater can also be used as a cushion.

Opportunities to sleep

Occasionally you are lucky and not all seats are occupied on the plane and then you can lie down a bit. Usually that is not the case and a pillow in your neck is a solution. For people who suffer from light, there are good eye protectors on the market. Earplugs can also be useful, especially during the ascent and landing.


The most important thing during a long flight is that you get enough fluid. The air is often dry and that is why it is necessary at night, for example, to accept the cup of water or gravy with which the stewardess regularly makes her round, even if you think you are not thirsty.


Drink as little alcohol as possible because it can cause dehydration. It is also wise to be moderate with coffee. Both alcohol and coffee extracts moisture from the body. That is why it is better to opt for water or a juice. People are often afraid that they have to go to the toilet soon and therefore drink less. This is not wise. A good moisture content in the body is important to feel comfortable.

Enough exercise to prevent swollen feet

During a long flight, you may suffer from swollen feet or legs. That is why some leg gymnastics is necessary. Always try to move your feet and even in the small place where you sit you can try to turn your arms, neck and feet. A tour of the plane once every two hours may not be so pleasant for the flight attendant but still relaxing for yourself. In the chair you can try to turn your ankles clockwise and counterclockwise. Also raise the toes as high as possible and put them back on the floor and the same with the heel. Turning with the neck and shoulders is important. This is how you try to promote blood circulation. Some people take an aspirin to prevent thrombosis. This can be a tool to thin the blood.

Economy class syndrome

One sometimes speaks of it economy class syndrome. People in the economy class have very little legroom, which means that small blood clots can form in the veins as a result of sitting in one position for too long.

Need some food if needed

On long flights, meals are still provided that are sufficient to satisfy hunger. However, in between and especially during the rise and fall, chewing on a candy or some chewing gum can reduce the pressure on the ears. A small snack can also be tasty. For this, use some crackers that you have on hand. For example, Arkefly offers the possibility to order meals prior to the flight. This applies to flights to the Canary Islands and to Egypt. The meals can be booked three days before departure and you can pay with a credit card. For example for Ryanair, Vueling, Easyjet and Transavia flights. one can buy something to eat on board but in general that is really fast food. Lufthansa gives a choice of meals on the long distances and even with a menu card. This also applies to transatlantic flights with KLM or United Airlines and Delta.

Reading, DVD player or computer games

You see more and more often that people take their own DVD player along with some reading material and the children play with their DNS. A great diversion for the long flights. An MP3 player is useful for listening to music. Crossword puzzles also offer good distraction and some people take a deck of cards with them. The laptop also offers opportunities to listen to music or do some work. An E-reader is handy and easy to put in your hand luggage. Load it with your favorite authors and you can move forward.

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