A goal in life?

It sounds so simple "to have a purpose in life" and yet that is not obvious to everyone. What is possible for an entire group as 'strange', because what does your life look like without a purpose? Anyway, the one wants a goal in life and the other doesn't. There is nothing right or wrong ... unless it causes you unrest. In that case it is good to start the process.

Set goals

For many people it goes without saying. Some know it at a very young age and others form in one direction during and after adolescence. A direction in terms of study and occupation, but also when it comes to a relationship and / or children, staying in the Netherlands or just the world and the type of life. Enjoy a lot at home with or without friends or always on the move. It is different for everyone and not right or wrong.


Yet there is also a considerable group where it is not all taken for granted. For example, people who do not fall into the stereotype and do not dare to get ahead, who do not know for themselves or who find it difficult in the family circle. Think of people who have a different orientation than straight. It is not received with open arms everywhere and that can keep people from having a goal. Because for many people a fixed relationship is taken for granted at some point in time, it is sometimes difficult to explain that you do not want that or you are thinking of a typical male profession as a woman or vice versa. That sometimes requires quite a bit of explanation and if you are not in a strong position and you know that such a process will be "difficult", then you can keep that from your goal or at least cause some sort of cloudiness of your goal. The environment can have a considerable impact on this.

No idea

Of course there are also people who grow up nicely, there seems to be nothing wrong, and one moment it is discovered that they do not really have a goal. Why that comes to drink is not known, but it is often accompanied by a lot of unrest. In the area you see a lot of things happen, friends get married, buy a house together, have children or the career of friends goes in the right direction or that house abroad what they want so badly comes very close.
People can have all sorts of goals and if you see that happening in your environment, then a feeling can creep in to those who don't have this, which causes unrest. Of course it does not have to come from the environment, it can also be that you suddenly come to the conclusion that you are floating around aimlessly.
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It is often the case that (in the beginning) it does not even provide immediate recognition, but only gives you unrest. If you can take a good look at yourself (inside), you will find out for a moment that it has to do with no real purpose.
This does not mean that someone who does not have a specific goal does not have a nice life. Far from it, because there are plenty of people who live from day to day and feel great about it. However, if it gives you unrest, then something else is going on.

Do yes or no?

If it has become a conscious process you can always choose. Because that unrest comes from somewhere, but that does not mean that you suddenly have to set goals. Just living your life without concrete goals can also be just a piece of acceptance that you are not the person who necessarily wants to set goals. After all, who ever determined that it should be?
If you are happy with who you are, that unrest - as soon as you give it a place - can also decrease.
If that is not the case, then it is good to understand the process. Are you not really happy, is something missing in your life and if so what? For the answer, go through all sorts of things, from the simplest aspects of life to the big "issues". You may still eventually come to the conclusion that you are not a real goalkeeper, but as long as it causes unrest, something is going on in the mind to which the body responds. Sometimes professional help can sometimes be a solution or good and sincere friends who know you well. It is always good to discuss that you are not waiting for solutions *, but asking questions can lead to answers.
* of those dead donors like go to some associations and see what you like or go nice dating maybe you still run into that permanent life partner or start a study. This is not about loneliness but about life goals.

Benefits of not setting goals

You can also enrich having no specific life goals, since you are not blinded by blinkers, but you do see what comes your way. The chance that you are open to it is many times greater than if you have a specific purpose in life and you work towards it. But here too it is true that nothing is right or wrong, it just depends on what you feel at home with.


Everyone lives their own life in their own way, setting goals is not sacred and for some people even taboo. Also fine! What matters is that you give that substance to your life, that makes you happy ... and that can be with or without goals.

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