On the way to joy

Joy not only gives a wonderful feeling, but also has many positive effects on our health, relationships and career. However, joy sometimes seems to be a very complex matter and far beyond our reach. The reasons for this are diverse; the pressure of everyday life, the personal character, medically related problems, and so on. Fortunately, joy can be practiced very consciously and in this way one can gradually improve and increase personal well-being.

The benefits of happiness

In the first place, joy gives a nice feeling. When we are happy and laughing, the brain produces endorphins and dopamine, which makes us feel good. This wonderful feeling gives us energy or strength, giving us the feeling that we can handle everything. People with an optimistic outlook on life are therefore stronger spiritually and have fewer problems with self-pity, depression and suicidal tendencies. On the other hand, they have great self-control and can process disappointments quickly. In this state of joy it seems that people have a better ability to put things into perspective and that they are therefore less concerned about fussy and negative things. Happy people also have a strong immune system and a high pain threshold. This high tolerance, to tolerate both physical and emotional pain, could be a reason why happy people live longer than unhappy and depressed people.

Faith in God gives joy

It is an undeniable fact that believing people are happier than unbelieving people. Studies have shown that faith in God is an important support factor in life. Christians believe that they have found their purpose for life in the Lord Jesus Christ and this gives them enormous peace and satisfaction. Furthermore, they strive to use their Master's example to live their lives for others, so that they learn not to be self-centered. The most unfortunate people are those who look no further than their own problematic situation. In times of trouble, a Christian's comfort is the belief that the Lord Jesus feels with them and has everything under His control, making despair, depression, and loneliness difficult to strike.

Music makes you happy

Listening to music and singing along with the music is an effective way to be cheerful. Music stimulates certain parts of the brain, which releases endorphins and makes people feel good. Thanks to the stimulation of the music, the brain also releases melatonin, so that people relax and can be lulled to sleep.

Laughing out loud stimulates joy

By laughing, the brain will also release endorphins, reducing stress hormones and strengthening the immune system. It is proven that people tend to smile faster when they go out with a bunch of friends. Friends don't need any reason to burst out laughing. The moment one of the group starts to laugh, the whole group is in a dent. A good comedy film or joke, in short, all the good that can cause a weak smile is recommended here.

Give someone a helping hand

By helping someone else, people forget their own personal problems for a while. This help does not always have to be big. A friendly word, a pat on the back, sending a card or any other expression of attention that makes someone happy can sometimes be enough. And the person who makes time for someone else has a satisfied feeling at the end of the day. When the 'assisted' people also respond positively to the benefit that is done, this adds even more to the well-being of the benefactor.

Seeing positive emotions as the way to success

It is important to realize that success is the result of, among other things, healthy emotions. Healthy emotions, such as joy, are conducive to physical and mental health, such as intelligence. Psychologists used to think that joy came after success, but now it has been discovered that joy preceded success. Happy people are always looking for new opportunities and new goals, which increases their chances of success in society. Joy is a positive and pleasant feeling and happy people feel the most successful in every area.
There are many more tips that one could use to master this positive emotion, such as consciously remembering happy moments, visualizing success, accepting new challenges, being grateful for the good that one has already achieved, and so on. It must be realized, however, that there is no magic formula that suddenly makes one happy, but that this is a process of trial and error. The key words that will produce the desired results in this process are determination and perseverance. Never give up!

Video: Abraham Hicks How To Find Joy On The Way (April 2020).

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