How does a salesperson get a customer to come back?

For many sellers it is important that a customer not only buys something once, but returns more often. In this way more money can be earned with less input. For selling parties it is therefore important to build a relationship with the customer, with the buyer. Within this relationship, commitment, trust and the intention to continue the relationship are particularly important for the seller. The variables that influence this relationship are discussed in this article.

The buyer-seller relationship

For a seller it is important to build a relationship with the buyer in order to have the customer return more often in this way. Within this relationship, commitment, trust and the intention to continue the relationship are important. The will to continue the relationship depends on three different building blocks:
  • trust
  • emotional commitment
  • calculative commitment

Trust concerns the degree of trust that partners have in the relationship with regard to the reliability and integrity of each other. Commitment is seen as the motivation to stay with the same supplier. There are two different types of commitment, emotional commitment and calculative commitment. The first concerns a generally positive feeling towards the partner, with calculative commitment it is about the will to maintain the relationship because it is difficult to find another partner and because another relationship cannot offer the same advantages over the current partner .
There are three characteristics that can influence the building blocks of the relationship between buyer and seller. These characteristics are:
  • supply-related characteristics
  • relationship related characteristics
  • market related characteristics

Supply-related characteristics

Supply-related characteristics are not just about the price of the product. Other factors that are important in the offer are the performance of the product, the results that the product offers and the service that the seller offers after delivery. MacKenzie already proved in the office equipment market that the customer's confidence in the supplier was higher as:
  • it was thought that the product was better
  • the promises regarding the service were better met
  • the supplier appeared more reliable to the customer.

Relationship related characteristics

The relationship-related characteristics are investments aimed at gaining positive feelings of involvement between buyers and sellers of advanced technology. These investments will therefore also lead to increased trust and commitment. Important aspects within this are:
  • Personal contact between buyer and seller reduces the expected risk and uncertainty on the part of the buyer. This results in greater confidence, which in turn positively influences the choice of a specific supplier.
  • Personal contact increases emotional commitment
  • Communication and cooperation have a positive influence on the emotional commitment
  • A conflict that is resolved constructively together increases trust and emotional commitment between buyer and seller
  • Harmonization, the mutual conclusion of compromises, increases commitment

Market related characteristics

Three factors play a role in market-related characteristics:
  • The supplier's replaceability
  • The expected transfer costs
  • The risks of switching

The seller can influence these three aspects to his advantage, by keeping the compatibility of his products low, developing specific buyer-seller routines, developing his own quality label and communicating the speed of technological progress. The greater the dependence on a buyer with regard to the seller, the more input will be put into the emotional commitment. This is to the seller's advantage. In addition, dependence also has a positive influence on the calculative commitment. The more difficulties a buyer expects when switching, the more he feels the pressure to continue with the current seller.

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