Mars and Venus, men and women

Men come from Mars and women come from Venus ... why does this seem such a cliché, but does it seem to have something in it? Communication disorders between men and women still seem to be a daily problem. Sometimes it goes so far that quite a lot of energy is wasted trying to make something clear to each other, not always with a successful result ...

Difference in thinking, how is that possible?

Men retreat when they are stressed or have a problem they need to solve, while women become emotional and want to discuss the issues to feel better. A woman can, that is for sure, not so well stress then a man. If a woman feels that way, the man will leave her alone while she is in need of the reverse, companionship ... She feels abandoned. How come?
The man is inclined to figure out his problems himself, even finds it annoying when a woman offers to help him, and he assumes that this also works for the other. Not so, because relationships are central to women (ie contact, consultation, expressing emotions). Of course ... there is always a little difference between men and women in terms of type, but this is still a recurring characteristic of both sexes.

Biological difference and Darwin

Apart from education and possible emancipation, behavior already shows natural difference to be between man and woman. Probably this originated in the beginning of time, when the men went hunting to survive, while the women had to keep an eye on things and the group. As a result, the man learned to occupy himself with one and the same thing for a longer period of time and the woman learned to do everything at once, with communication playing a very important role. Men developed their spatial orientation more plus the estimation of distance.
Research has also shown that men and women achieve a comparable score in IQ tests, so it has nothing to do with this! In some sub-topics, men and women score better for less, depending on their gender.

Operation of the brain

Men have on average 16 percent more brain cells than women but with women it is limbic system (the center of emotions in our brains) much larger than in men. The brain bar (corpus callosum) between the two hemispheres of women is also larger, so that these two halves can work better together. Men usually use both halves of their brains for specific purposes while in women the two halves usually work together.
There are studies that show that the differences in men's and women's brains are caused by sex hormones in the first phase of life. The differences in the development of despacer brains are noticeable at a young age. For example, 4 year old boys are better than girls of the same age in spatial orientation while girls are better at remembering word sequences.

And how are things in bed?

"You charm a man with beauty, you charm a woman with words"; this already shows a lot about the difference!
The man wants to put down a performance and is also focused on satisfaction of both himself and his partner (the latter may not always be). The woman is initially focused on attracting the other and therefore on satisfying the other. We assume that it is about a male-female relationship here. because of all this, there is a good chance that emotions (and therefore also the need for romance) will not be understood as a matter of course by the man and must therefore really be explained to him. Mind you, the intentions of both are good, but they both reason very differently and usually cannot do otherwise ...

Video: Mars brain, Venus brain: John Gray at TEDxBend (April 2020).

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