Headache due to neck complaints

All kinds of causes can be derived from the occurrence of neck complaints, such as an accident causing a whiplash, overloading or a constant wrong attitude. Neck complaints themselves lead to problems and discomfort, but the complaints that arise from the neck can also radiate to other parts of the body. Headache is a symptom that can arise from neck complaints and can have a negative impact on daily functioning. It is important here that in order to combat the headache, the cause of the neck complaints must be traced, so that this can also be treated.

Characteristics of neck pain

Neck pain can be traced to various causes, such as an accident or muscle strain. Neck pain due to muscle cramping often comes on gradually and can lead to headaches. The contraction of the neck muscles can cause stress and tension, but also prolonged work at the computer, in a wrong position without alternation, can lead to neck pain and headache.

Prevent headache and neck pain

To reduce headache and neck pain, a painkiller can be taken, but this is only for the purpose of controlling the pain and this will not eliminate the cause. In order to break the pattern of neck pain and headache, action will therefore have to be taken to combat muscle cramping, but also to prevent cramping as much as possible in the future.

Massage as a treatment

A treatment that will relieve cramped muscles to reduce neck pain and headaches resulting from it is a massage. A massage of the neck and shoulders ensures better circulation, so that accumulated waste can be removed more quickly. A massage has a very relaxing effect on the muscles and releases it, as it were. A massage aims to relax the muscles and will be able to relieve the pain. However, a massage alone will not prevent the same symptoms from recurring in the future.

Neck pain due to incorrect posture

Neck pain and headache can therefore occur as a result of a wrong posture. This does not only mean a wrong posture that occurs during the day, but it can also be assumed unconsciously while sleeping. If the neck is in the wrong position half the night, this causes a strain on the neck vertebrae. As a result, a headache can be felt in the morning when you get up. This can be solved by using a special pillow that provides proper support for the neck and shoulders. If, therefore, there is mainly neck pain in the morning when you get up and then also in combination with a headache, then an unconscious wrong sleeping position may be the cause.

Overload and neck complaints

Another reason why neck complaints can occur is overloading in combination with a wrong posture, which makes the muscles too tense. This can also cause a headache and the cause will have to be fought to make the headache complaint disappear.

Tension headache due to neck complaints

One of the types of headache that can occur due to prolonged neck complaints is tension headache. Tension headache can occur because the muscles in the neck, neck, shoulders and head are too tense. This headache feels like a constant headache, to a serious or less serious extent, that can be felt at the back of the head but also above the eyes. A feeling of pressure can also be experienced that can be compared with a band that is strained around the head. This headache can spread to the shoulders and neck, where the cause can also be found.

Whiplash and headache

A whiplash is an attack on the cervical vertebrae and is often caused by a car accident or an accident in which the head makes a vigorous back and forth movement. The whiplash can result in all sorts of complaints, including neck complaints and resulting complaints such as headache, concentration problems and forgetfulness. Neck complaints as a result of a whiplash can persist for a long time, but most people have disappeared within a year.

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