Bra's that do something for you

What could be more feminine than not being satisfied with what you have? Nowhere is that as well expressed as the bra cup size. It is never good: we always want bigger, smaller, stronger. But not everyone wants the surgeon knife. In this article you can read about a number of bras that want to cooperate more or less with your desired cup size. In addition, the bra can also cause a lot of irritation. Bra comfort is important

Ahh-Bra for comfort

Who does not recognize this situation. In the fitting room, the new bra seemed so comfortable, but once you start wearing it intensively, the bottlenecks come to the fore. Stripes in the skin, cutting straps or straps that sink. Before you know it you will get grumpy. More than 80% of women walk around with the wrong bra size.
On television there is regular advertising from telllsell, in which the so-called ahh-bra is advertised. Ahh-Bra eliminates the uncomfortable, traditional bras. The Ahh bra promises great comfort and also support. The bra is seamless, made of microfiber, has a V-Neck and wide shoulder straps and follows the natural curves. It looks like a tip. You choose your size as if you were buying a t-shirt, so no hassle with cup size and size. The sizes range from XS to XXXXL. For extra support you can put on two tops over each other. The big disadvantage of ahh-bra is that you can only order this by mail order to find out if this is for you. You can't go anywhere. For example, it is quite possible that the ahh-bra offers sufficient support - although to me it does not seem sufficient with larger cup sizes - but then you would still have to try your sweater or anything over it to be able to assess its effect. You have to pay in advance. You can return the order, but it is lost at your own risk; so you must send by registered mail. Searching the internet for other people's experience with this ahh-bra yields little relevance. So it's really a leap in the dark. A sports bra also offers more comfort and you can fit it anyway.

Bra's for a cup more

The brand Wonderbra has various models of bras that are all aimed at optically increasing the cup size:
  • up-lift effect
  • sexy round effect
  • deep plunge effect
  • cleavage effect

To make your breasts look bigger, it's best to buy bras with molded cups. You can also achieve a magnifying effect with your outerwear: V-neck or U-neck sweaters, dresses that slim down, so that extra attention is focused on the chest.
For even two cups more optical cheating you can include Christine Leduc justly. At the Plunge Push Up Bra the cups are positioned in such a way that you automatically get an extra deep neckline. Because of the extra thick gel pads your breasts automatically show 2 sizes larger.
You can also do something with makeup: with makeup that is one shade darker than your own skin color, put a diagonal line at the top of the breasts to create a shadow effect, making the breasts appear larger.

Bra's for a cup less

The so-called minimizers reduce the bust 1 size optically. The minimizer bra actually does the opposite of the push-up bra. Because a minimizer presses the breasts against the body, they seem a size smaller. There are, among other things, minimizers available in the Triumph and Maidenform brands.

Wear a bra at night?

The breasts also need support at night, if you sleep on your side or on your back. Especially the breasts of women with a larger cup size and women during and after pregnancy. Only if you sleep on your stomach can you do without a bra. However, most bras are not very comfortable for the night; then you better choose a sports bra.
However, there is an anti-wrinkle bra for the night "La Decollette"by designer Rachel de Boer. This is a night bra without cups, which keeps the breasts in place during sleep. This bra prevents wrinkles in the neckline and ensures that existing wrinkles pull away. This would be scientifically proven. An additional item from Rachel de Boer is the Crème de Decolleté that enhances the elasticity and resilience of the skin.

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