Guaranteed to lose weight with this diet

If you want to lose weight, you will first have to adjust your diet. This does not necessarily mean that you have to eat less, but often that you have to start eating differently. Get rid of sweets and the fatty bite and lose weight without feeling hungry. You can, with eating lots of fruit and vegetables and drinking enough water.

Vegetables and fruit

When you eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, you get relatively few calories. Of course, some vegetables and fruits are more calorie-rich than other vegetables and fruits. Which types fit well in a low-calorie diet?
Good low-calorie vegetables are:Good low-calorie fruits are:
Green beans
Green cabbage
Lamb's lettuce
The above-mentioned vegetables and fruit types are sometimes called suppliers of negative calories. That sounds great, but unfortunately there are no negative calories. You can, however, eat these vegetables and fruit unlimited. They fill well and deliver few calories. Eating slowly and chewing a lot also gives you a feeling of satiety faster.

Drinking water

Water contains no calories, quenches thirst and fills, so you have less appetite for food. Cold water is especially good for you. This is because your body will have to heat this water again before it is absorbed. Drink at least four large glasses of water every day. Many people also confuse thirst with hunger and so opt for something to eat, while a glass of water would also make them feel saturated. According to research (Source 2), drinking water is also a way to speed up the metabolism. When you drink water you speed up your metabolism by 30 percent for an hour. Drinking one and a half liters of old water per day will then ensure that you burn approximately 70-72 extra calories. That is a nice bonus.

Low calorie preparation

Stir fry

You can turn vegetables together with a small piece of meat and some wokmie or rice and a small amount of wok sauce into a complete meal. When this meal consists largely of vegetables, it is light and still fills the meal.

Meal Salad

Not the ready-made salads from the supermarket, but just meal salads from your own kitchen can be made as light as you want. A lot of vegetables, combined with a boiled egg and some strips of lean ham or some pieces of smoked salmon and you put a delicious meal salad on the table. Be careful with sauce.


Vegetable soup and tomato soup (not tomato cream soup) are great meals for a diet. Soup consists mainly of moisture and is very low in calories. You can take a cup of soup in the evening for a tasty appetite. A healthy low-calorie snack.


Everyone likes sweets. Then choose a milkshake as a breakfast or lunch dish. Nice and sweet and very good to use in a diet. Look for recipes on the page: How do you make the tastiest milkshakes?

Further waste tips

  • Try not to lose weight too quickly, what has gone off quickly is also added quickly.
  • Eat five times a day. This prevents an energy dip and a shortage of sugar. This also makes you less inclined to start cutting.
  • Enjoy your food. Eat slowly and as varied as possible, but when you do sin, you should enjoy it as much as possible and for as long as possible.
  • Keep track of what you eat and drink. By writing it down, you not only gain insight into what you eat and drink, but you also consider it longer. Because of this you may decide not to eat that snack.
  • If you still want to snack, choose a handful of nuts. Healthy and you feel satisfied quickly.
  • Be careful with alcohol. This contains a lot of calories and has little nutritional value.
  • Always have some chewing gum to hand for the difficult moments.
  • Move enough.

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