Have your entire house on hand within one hour

Tidying up and cleaning your house is something that needs to be done every day, and it seems like it is never finished. Certainly if you also have children and pets, the household can consume a lot of your time. Luckily there are ways to have a shiny clean house very quickly, so that you also have time for nicer things.

A job that is never ready

Unlike a job outside the home, where you close the door behind you at five o'clock and finish your work for that day, you are never really done in the household. The bottom of the laundry basket is never in sight for long, the dishwasher is never empty for a long time, and the fridge is never filled for long. Dust in your house always keeps coming back, and sometimes it seems as if there are more hairs from your pet on the floor than there are hairs on the beast. Cups of lemonade usually fall on a freshly mopped floor, and birds outside seem to prefer pooping on your newly patched windows. All in all, housekeeping is often a thankless task, which must be carried out every day. Fortunately, you can save a lot of time with these quick cleaning tips.

A quick cleaning product

Fill an empty spray bottle, or plant sprayer with hot water, and add a dash of all-purpose cleaner, and a few drops of bleach. This detergent can be used for practically your entire house and kills bacteria. By spraying it on the surface to be cleaned, and wiping it off with a microfiber cloth, you save yourself the time and effort to make a bucket of soapy water and carry it around. This cleaning product is also great for cleaning your bathroom and toilets.

First throw away the mess

Start your super fast cleaning with a garbage bag in which you empty all the trash cans in the house, and put in all the other junk that can go. Check your bathroom for empty bottles of shampoo, and all the bedrooms on junk that can leave. Then make a round through your house and collect everything that needs to be washed, including towels, tea towels and dishcloths. Put everything in the washing machine immediately, and if it is full enough, switch it on. Collect and dispose of all old newspapers and other old paper.

Bathroom and toilets

With the spray bottle you can spray the tiles, the taps, and the sink, and wipe off with the microfiber cloth. Wiping with a dry tea towel ensures that everything shines. Only clean what is dirty, so do not brush all tiles if that is not necessary. The toilet on the outside, the inside, the sink, and the glasses can be injected and after you have pulled through the toilet brush, you take everything or with toilet paper which you can then simply flush. You do not yet do the floor, it will be dealt with later.


Make the bed in each bedroom, open the windows, and tidy up any belongings where they belong. Spray the door handles, and polish any stains from the doors. Remove the window sills, bedside tables and any other furniture. Look as much as possible what is really needed, and only clean what is really needed. Vacuum all bedrooms, the landing, and the bathroom floor. If you have slippery floors, spray your detergent on the floor and mop the rooms towards the door. A floor mop and a dish cloth where you cut a hole in the middle, so that the handle of the floor mop fits through the hole in the cloth, is a great way to mop. The dishcloth can be washed in the washing machine after mopping. Also mop the bathroom floor this way.

The groundfloor

On the way down, take the stairs down with the spray and your cloth, or vacuum the stairs from top to bottom. In the kitchen you spray on the counter, the sink, the handles of the kitchen cupboards, the gas stove, the outside of the dishwasher and the fridge. Brush off any stains, and do not clean everything completely if it is not necessary. In the living room, remove the tables, window sills, door handles, light switches, and other items with the spray, or with a feather duster. The downstairs toilet is done in the same way as upstairs. Vacuum the ground floor, including the floor in the toilet. Now spray on any slippery floors with your cleaning agent, and mop in the same way as above.

Windows and mirrors

For windows and mirrors, take the same spray bottle or plant sprayer, and fill it with hot water and a few drops of washing-up liquid. Clean the stains from windows and mirrors by spraying a little and rubbing with a dry tea towel. So do not completely patch the windows, but polish where it is needed. This way you can also remove a bird signature on the outside, without having to patch the entire window again.

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