T-Rex, the most famous dinosaur among dinosaurs

The Tyrannosaurus Rex (T Rex) is partly thanks to Hollywood films such as Jurassic Park, the most famous dinosaur among dinosaurs. The T-Rex is a huge and terrifying beast, but was it the largest among the upright carnivorous dinosaurs? What was so remarkable about the T-Rex?

Upright carnivore

Through Hollywood films such as (for example) Jurassic Park, almost everyone knows the huge and frightening upright carnivore T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus). Although the T-Rex was quite large and a huge beast, the T-Rex was not the largest upright carnivore among the dinosaurs. The T-Rex is in 5th place among the dinosaurs that were upright carnivores.

Biggest dinosaur

If the dinosaur T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus) was not the largest upright carnivore among the dinosaurs, which dinosaur was the largest? Since scientists suspect that there are still many types of dinosaurs to be discovered, the list of the 5 largest upright carnivores among the dinosaurs at present is:
  • Spinosaurus
  • Giganotosaurus,
  • Carcharodontosaurus,
  • Mapusaurus and 5th
  • T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus).


Where did the Tyrannosaurus, the T-Rex, appear? The T-Rex was found in the western part of present-day North America.


When did the T-Rex live? The T-Rex lived at the end of the Cretaceous era. The end of the Cretaceous period was also the end of the dinosaurs.


The first fossil of a Tyrannosaurus was discovered in 1874.

The name

What does the name Tyrannosaurus, T-Rex mean? Rex stands for king, Tyrannosaurus for tyrant reptile: King under the tyrant reptile.


The T-Rex dinosaur is kissed as the ultimate hunter among dinosaurs. That image is sharpened by Hollywood movies. However, researchers suspect that T-Rex hunted dinosaurs in groups. The young T-Rex dinosaurs probably hunted the hunted game in groups, after which the adults tore up the animal. Others suspect that the T-Rex was nothing but a scavenger. It is certain that the fear factor of the T-Rex was highest among all dinosaurs.


What is remarkable about a Tyrannosaurus? The T Rex was able to consume 230 kilograms of meat in 1 bite. The strong jaws of the T Rex are seen by paleontologists as the most powerful jaws of (probably) all animals that have ever lived. Found fossils and fossil droppings from the T-Rex show that this dino shattered the bones of its prey before he ate them. The T-Rex had 58 serrated and curved teeth, teeth that could be as tall as 23 cm!
The head of the T-Rex was also remarkable: with its 1.6 meter size, the head was larger than that of other theropod dinos.


A T-Rex is a theropod dinosaur. What is a theropod dino? A theropod is a dinosaur with the following characteristics:
  • Carnivorous dinosaur, a carnivore,
  • A huge animal was
  • Lived during the Jurassic and Cretaceous period and
  • Walked on his (strong!) Hind legs.

Tyrannosaurus, the T-Rex dino

How large was the T-Rex? Some impressive sizes of the T-Rex:
  • Height: 5 meters
  • Length: 13 meters
  • Weight: 9 tons
  • Head size: 1.6 meters.

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