Air fresheners: scents and designs to suit everyone

An air freshener is intended to cover up any unpleasant smells in the home. By spreading an odor by means of an air freshener, that odor is experienced as stronger than the original that appears to have disappeared. Incidentally, the name air freshener suggests that the air is refreshed, but that is not the case. An air freshener only masks the original air. It is true that many people experience the use of an air freshener as a refreshment because the unpleasant effect of the original air has disappeared.

Operation often based on gaseous elements

The effect of the so-called refreshment is achieved because the air freshener usually injects a gaseous strong-smelling air into the room. But as it can cause refreshment, it can also cause problems. People who are sensitive to the gaseous elements of the air freshener can get allergic reactions. This can lead to headache, respiratory irritation and eye irritation.

From toilet freshener to air freshener

Instead of the name air freshener, the name toilet freshener often occurs. In the past, the fresheners were mainly used in the toilet. Later, other scents were added to the drug that were more suitable for use anywhere in the home. Air fresheners are also often used in shops and offices or other spaces.

Predecessor of air freshener

A kind of predecessor of an air freshener, however strange it may seem, is a box of matches. In order to clear the air, a few matches were scraped up after using the smallest room in the house. But that is a thing of the past now that numerous forms of air fresheners have been put on the market and the toilet can easily be transferred to the next user after using an air freshener.

Fragrances and versions of air fresheners

Air fresheners are available in numerous fragrances and designs so that a suitable item is available to everyone's wishes. Regular alternation is therefore also possible.


Air fresheners are available in a wide range of scents from floral scents to citrus scents and from orange to jasmine. Preferences for a particular scent can be very different when it comes to use in the home or office or other specific space. To refresh the air after an intensive meeting, a different scent will be chosen than a toilet group in a chain store.


Some models of air fresheners are designed in such a way that they can be seen as a beautiful object in the home. Refills are of course also available for those fresheners where replacement is possible. Air fresheners are available in all shapes and sizes such as scent dispensers, scented candles, scent sticks, scent bags, perfume lamps and toilet blocks.

Fragrance dispensers

An odor dispenser is a small device that can be used to set the days and times when an odor should be delivered. This way no odor is wasted at times when no odor refreshment is needed. The device works on batteries that are usually supplied with the purchase.

Scented candles

A scented candle is a decorative and even romantic solution for expelling odors. Of course the candle works best burning but even when it is not burning it gives off a subtle scent. Some scented candles give off very little soot and are therefore environmentally friendly. The same effect that is achieved with a scented candle but with a different appearance is achieved by tea lights with a scent.

Fragrance sticks

A bottle with scent sticks is very special in its ability to influence the odor. Wooden sticks are in a bottle with perfume and thus spread their scent. In this way, an odor is constantly spread without having to perform an action yourself.

Fragrance bags

Fragrance bags are available in numerous scents. They can be hung somewhere such as in the toilet but can also be put down. This can be done, for example, in a linen cupboard or the glove box of a car where a wonderful scent spreads in a modest way.

Perfume lamps

Also special is a perfume lamp with which scent is spread. In addition to normal lamp models, there are also perfume lamps as an image of, for example, an eagle in which the wings contain a reservoir with fragrance oil or perfume. This system has been around since the nineteenth century and was used in hospitals to purify the air.

Toilet cubes

Toilet cubes can provide an easy solution to get a fresh scent after every flush of the toilet. These blocks can be hung on the edge of the toilet with a special holder. They are available in numerous models and scents. An additional advantage is that they also have a disinfecting effect and prevent limescale. The holders are refillable, so that you do not always have to buy a completely new system.

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